Al Waffer Account

​​​To open an account-

Please ​visit your nearest KHCB branch. You’ll also need the following documents to proceed:

  • Bahraini clients:
    • 2 valid IDs, one must include address information
    • Non-Bahraini Clients:
      • A valid Smart Card & Passport copy as well as a valid Resident Visa pass

    You can also Book an appointment with any branch ahead of time.

    To top up your account-

    Visit your nearest KHCB branch or Book an appointment with any branch ahead of time. Or alternatively, you can use our Online Banking or eDinar Services to add or transfer money from your other accounts to your Al Waffer account with just a few clicks.

    You can also arrange for a Standing Order to save money towards your Al Waffer Account, increasing your chances to win our valuable prizes.


    Amendments in the T&C:

    2- A customer may open Al Waffer account for a minimum of BD 500 (Five Hundred Bahraini Dinars only) in any branch of the Bank upon the presentation of official identification documents. For each BD 25, customers are entitled for 1 point in the draw of prizes. The Bank reserves the right to grant further incentives by way of entries and/or prizes to promote the Al Waffer account. The timing and methodology for granting such incentives shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Bank with co-ordination with Ministry of Industry, Commerce and tourism. Al Waffer accounts which have been opened for a period of 30 days or more shall be entitled to enter the draw of prizes.


    14- Withdrawal from Al Waffer account is only allowed over the counter at any of KHCB branches. Each BD 25 in Al Waffer account shall entitle the holder to only one entry in the draw based on the average balance or the closing balance whichever is lower, provided that the balance of Al Waffer account is not less than BD 500 at the closing day of the month that falls before the draw date.


    16- Winners are required to collect their prizes (in kind) within six months from the date of receiving notice of winning. If the prize is not collected within six months, the prize will handover to Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in accordance with the laws and decisions in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


    21- It is the responsibility of the employee or director of the Bank or its subsidiary to notify the Bank if he or any of his immediate family members is qualified to win the prize. In case any such employee or director of the Bank or its subsidiary or his family members mentioned in Clause 21 wins a prize, the

    Bank reserves the right to deny the winner the prize or claim a refund of any prize paid, and conduct another draw to select another winner after notifying and obtaining the approval from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.