Easy36 Credit Card

Enjoy worry-free financial freedom with KHCB’s Shari’a compliant Easy36 Credit Card. Part of the Visa network, the Easy36 Credit Card is accepted across the Kingdom and around the world. As well as global recognition, Easy36 is designed for customer comfort with all transactions purchased using the card, repaid by default over 36 easy monthly installments, and have the flexibility to change the tenor of their repayments within 48 hours of using their card by contacting the Call Center  on 17540054.

Extra Card Benefits
• The KHCB Easy 36 Credit Card is the perfect travel companion, offering travel insurance on all primary and supplementary cards 24 hours a day.
• Offer your family the convenience of a KHCB Easy 36 Credit Card with our supplementary card option. The supplementary card is based on the original card limit and is provided upon customer request.
• Accumulate more Gulf Air miles and take advantage of great discounts when you use your KHCB Easy 36 Credit Card.
• Easy 36 make it possible to finance your needs with very comfortable installments over 36 months maximum.
• For more information visit or contact our call center on 17540054.

Where to use it?
Take advantage of all the benefits of a KHCB Visa Credit Card with Easy 36, and pay school fees, furniture, and other large expenses with ease.
Minimum transaction limit for Easy36 purchases is BHD 50 per transaction.


• Valid passport copy & original Smart Card (Resident Visa page for Non-Bahraini).
• Original salary certificate (not more than 30 days old).
• Latest original salary slip (in case of variable pay last 3 months).
• Original 3 months personal bank statements in where salary is credited.

• Valid passport copy & original Smart Card (Resident Visa page for Non-Bahraini).
• Copy of valid Commercial Registration.
• Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
• Audited Financial Statements for last 3 years (or)
• 12 months Bank statement required for business accounts.
• 6 month Bank statement required for personal accounts.
• In case of other income (rental income) copy of valid lease agreements (Copy of title deed for the leased property) with tenant IDs.

Inforamtion Leaflet