About Us

​Khaleeji Commercial Bank is known to be one of the leading Islamic banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Established in 2004, the bank has gained a well-acclaimed reputation in the field of Islamic banking. With the loyalty and trust of its shareholders, investors and clients, Khaleeji Commercial Bank has achieved key milestones over the years.

The Bank strives to be a leader in local and regional Islamic ​banking as it is listed on Bahrain Bourse. It also offers innovative and high quality products and services to its clients. The Board of Directors of the Bank is composed of recognized veterans and prominent personalities in the field of banking.

The Managerial Team consists of a group of banking experts and professionals. There also exists a Shari'a Supervisory Board comprised of specialized jurists prominent both within the region as well as around the world. The Supervisory Board on a regular basis oversees the bank's compliance, workflow and activity guidance, ensuring adherence to the principles and provisions of Islamic Shari'a.

Nationwide Network of Branches across Bahrain

Khaleeji Commercial Bank continues to extend geographically across the Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition to the headquarters located in Bahrain Financial Harbor, the bank has 4​ branches which are located in:

  • Bahrain Financial Harbor
  • Hidd
  • Sanad
  • Wadi Al Sail

Keen on expansion and a substantial geographical distribution, KHCB hopes to cover all residential areas in order to improve helping clients, easy access and at the same time simplify banking and financial transactions in the fastest manner both effectively and efficiently.

Competitive Services for Individuals

Khaleeji Commercial Bank offers a wide range of exceptional services catering to individuals and corporate clients. Some of the value added services provided are Personal Finance, Home Finance, Auto Finance and Visa Credit Cards. This is in addition to account services for the purpose of deposits, mainly Current Accounts, Saving Accounts, Mudharaba Accounts, Mudharaba Call Accounts and Al Waffer Accounts.

KHCB is known to provide customers and loyal clients with various types of Visa Cards like the Platinum, Gold, Classic and Infinite, which consist of great features. The cards offered by the bank provide holders with various benefits that include competitive service fees as well as many offers & discounts.

The year-long scheme of Al Waffer account is considered to be an investment account, which is Shari’a compliant, where funds are invested on Unrestricted Mudharaba Principle which will qualify depositors for draws on grand prizes.

Business Finance & Effective Investment

KHCB offers exceptional financial and investment services for corporations that comprises of project financing, real estate financing, capital financing, commercial financing and Letters of Credit.

As for investments, the bank manages investments spread among diversified asset classes and jurisdictions for its clients targeting various sectors, with real estate and technology being the most prominent. The bank follows a conservative methodology in the management of the investment products and restricted investment accounts, taking into account the market scenarios and developments to achieve the best resulting outcome.

Khaleeji Commercial Bank aims to accomplish the premium returns for all investors, following a well-defined strategy where execution is overseen by a highly capable and integrated professional team, attentive to market movements to protect and progress the investment assets while maintaining a continued focus on realizing exits.

Advanced Electronic Services

Khaleeji Commercial Bank offers a wide range of advanced electronic services aiming to simplify communications with clients and ease all transactions. All electronic services are equipped with a system that follows the latest security standards in order to make the clients’ experience easier, safer, and more convenient.

In addition, KHCB has laid the foundations for the development of Open Banking services that will enable it to reach out to a wide range of international financial technology companies and launch a new range of services.