What is “Ratbi”?

 “Ratbi” is an application provided by Khaleeji Commercial Bank (Powered by Ryalize) that’s offered to our Corporate Clients’ employees which allows them access to part of their earned salary on demand before payday.

 Employees can withdraw from their available balance whenever they want and have it transferred to their salaried bank account before payday. There is no profit, no hidden charges, only a nominal fixed service fee per transaction regardless of the amount withdrawn.

 We believe “Ratbi” is the right product for your organization, as it comes with the following benefits:

  • Zero-cost solution with regards to finance, cash flow, and integration
  • Increased employee retention & productivity by reducing their financial stress. This can be provided as your commitment to their financial wellness
  • Total control, oversight, and management of the Electronic Portal with automated and seamless withdrawal and calculation, without any changes to the organization’s existing payroll practices
  • Easy integration with automatic salary reconciliation
  • Minimal HR and Financial Control involvement
  • WPS compliant solution

Please contact us through the following details for more information and to start offering “Ratbi” to your employees:

1754 0054
[email protected]

*Terms & Conditions apply