Al Waffer Account

“Al Waffer” is an investment account that is compliant with the Provisions and Principles of Islamic Shari’a, in which funds are invested based on the principles of “Absolute Mudarabah”. A minimum of BD 500 is required to open an account, where Entry Points towards Raffles are calculated for every BD 25 in the Account. In addition, Al Waffer offers two features to earn more chances of winning which are the “Al Waffer Club" and the “Double Points System”.

Al Waffer Club

A club meant for Al Waffer Clients who have BD 5,000 or more deposited in their account, which offers exclusive benefits like:

  • Debit Cards for withdrawal (Only to the excess balance of the BD 5,000)
  • Transactions through eBanking Services (Only to the excess balance of the BD 5,000)
  • Entry into Prize Raffles exclusive to club members only

Double Points System

A system that offers Clients additional Entry Points towards Prize Raffles, on the condition that their account balance is maintained or increased without making any withdrawals for over 90 days before the Prize Raffles.

Al Waffer 2022 Prizes

Month Prize Raffle Date
March BD 250,0005th April
AprilBD 100,00010th May
MayBD 100,0005th June
JuneBD 100,0005th July
SeptemberBD 100,0004th October
October BD 100,0007th November
NovemberBD 100,0005th December
DecemberBD 250,0005th January 2023

 Al Waffer Club 2022 Prizes

Month Raffle Date
January BD 5,0003rd February
FebruaryBD 5,0003rd March
MarchBD 5,0005th April
AprilBD 5,00010th May
MayBD 5,0005th June
JuneBD 5,0005th July
JulyBD 5,0004th August
AugustBD 5,0005th September
SeptemberBD 5,0004th October
OctoberBD 5,0007th​ November
NovemberBD 5,0005th Decmebr
DecemberBD 5,0005th January 2023


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