Term Murabaha Account

​​To open an account

Please fill the Account Opening and Client Consent “Wathiq” Forms, read the Terms and Conditions, then visit your nearest branc​h to complete the account opening process.

​Eligibility criteria


  • Bahraini clients: 2 Valid IDs, one must include address information
  • Non-Bahraini Clients: A valid Smart Card & Passport copy as well as a valid Resident Visa pass

Source of Income

  • Employees: Latest original salary slip (in case of variable pay last 3 months)
  • Self Employed: 6 month Bank statement


Minimum participation of BD 5,000/-

Profit account

Individuals + companies

No restriction on type of customer individual or company, while profit account should be either Saving, Current, “Al Waffer" or Call Mudharaba Account


* Terms & Conditions apply