e Services



The ‘eCheque’ is a new service launched by the Central Bank of Bahrain in collaboration with the BENEFIT Company. This new service allows Clients to issue and process Cheques electronically, making Cheque Writing and Clearing faster and easier for everyone. 


  • Easier to use
    Using electronic means, writing, depositing, and clearing Cheques has never been easier
  • More Secure
    On top of a strong and secure Electronic Infrastructure, these eCheques cannot be lost, stolen, or forged
  • Available 24/7
    No need to wait for Bank Branches to open anymore; simply use your ePortal at anytime, anywhere


  • Individuals
    You will need to register for the service using the “BenefitPay” Mobile Application, and then link any of your Active Current Accounts to request an Electronic Chequebook
  • Corporates
    You will need to fill the required documentation through your assigned Relationship Manager or the nearest KHCB Branch. Afterwards, you will receive access to a dedicated Application for using the eCheque Service
  • Other (Joint A/C, Power of Attorney, Self-Employed, etc.)
    You can visit your nearest KHCB Branch to fill the required documentation. Afterwards, the client will receive access to a dedicated Application for using the Service